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  • What's the difference between the CT Series and the UB Series?
  • I have a French Curve Toilet. What bidet will fit my toilet?
    If you have a bidet with a curved tank like the one shown in the picture, you will need to purchase our UB series bidets (UB-6035R or UB-6235), because those have a more rounded behind. Even still, there is a slight chance, 10% or so, that the UB model will not fit, so I will suggest just purchasing the bidet and place it on the toilet first to see if it will fit or not, before you hook up the plumbing and using the bidet. That way you can return the bidet if it does not fit.
  • I have a skirted toilet. What bidet will fit my toilet?
    If you have a skirted toilet like the one above, the CT model should be better for your toilet because the installation kit included does not require you to reach underneath to screw in the bolts for the mounting plate. Instead it has top-mounted rubber nuts, as in the pictures below. You could also purchase a UB series bidet, but you will need to go to your local hardware store and get some toggle bolts like the ones shown below. Toggle bolts can be inserted from the top and tightened without needing to access the bolt from the bottom.
  • What do I need to use these bidets?
    Our bidets are able to heat water with various technologies, so you would just need to have access to a 3/8" cold water shutoff valve, which for most Canadians, should be where their toilet is hooked up to. In the case that you don't have a 3/8" water shutoff valve, please contact us and we can help you with this issue. Also, our bidets needs a power source to operate, so you must have an electrical outlet in your bathroom. Most Canadian bathrooms don't have an outlet that's right by the toilet, so you can either modify your bathroom to add another electrical outlet near the toilet, or you can use a proper electrical extension cord to connect your bidet to an outlet that's further away.
  • Will my bidet fit? Which size should I get?
    Please see our sizing guide on our website, or refer to the graphics below: Measurement guide for CT series: Measurement guide for UB series: Also, please be sure to check that your toilet bowl length is at least 37 cm, as per the picture shown below:
  • Do Clean Touch bidets work with a commode or a toilet seat riser?
    It really depends on the commode / toilet seat riser. One compatible model is this elongated Nova Toilet Seat Elevator with Arms. First, you'll need to purchase our elongated remote control bidets, either the UB-6035R, CT-2100R, or the CT-1500R. Our console models will not fit in between the arms of the toilet seat elevator. For instructions on how to install our bidets on this toilet seat elevator, please navigate to the next tab over under "Installation".
  • How do I make my bidet fit my toilet better?
    For a better fit of the bidet to the ceramic toilet, please adjust the base plate forward or back.
  • How do I install my bidet on a toilet riser / commode?
    First you'll need to make sure your toilet riser or commode is compatible with our bidets. As long as you are able to secure the plastic mounting bracket on top of the toilet riser, then you will be able to use our bidets. Most if not all toilet risers will come with extra long bolts for you to use. If it doesn't come with metal washers to secure the metal brackets, you can get washers from your local hardware store. You have to first put the toilet riser on top of the toilet. Then you put our plastic bidet mounting bracket on top of the toilet riser. Then, you put the two metal brackets into each side of the plastic mounting bracket. Then, you place the two long bolts through the holes. Make sure you have a metal washer in between the bolt head and the metal bracket to secure the metal bracket tightly. Lastly, you can tighten the bolt with the supplied nut from the bottom. If you are unable to access the bottom because you have a skirted toilet, then you will not be able to use a toilet riser nor our bidet with the toilet riser (but you will still be able to use just our bidet by itself).
  • The two holes in my toilet are too small and I can't fit the rubber mounting tubes
    If the two black rubber mounting tubes cannot be inserted from the top down into the two holes in the toilet, you can instead use them as just regular nuts and screw the bolt tight from underneath.
  • How do I slide my bidet off of the bidet holding bracket?
    CT SERIES: Release the bidet from the base plate, please press down and hold on the release button on the right side of the bidet. UB SERIES:Lift the bidet up at a very slight angle towards you, then slide the bidet off. If you try to slide the bidet straight out without lifting the front end up a little bit, it will not slide off.
  • What colour on my CT remote is low, medium, and high?"
    For seat and water temperature LED color code, see the below picture.
  • How do I clean my bidet?
    Do not use Lysol or any other cleaning chemicals other than warm water! Usage of any cleaning agent other than pH neutral agents or warm water will result in potential damage to the plastic or discolouring of the plastic.
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