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  • Why you should buy premium bidets from a Canadian distributor?
    - Clean Touch is Canadian distributing company and our warehouse is in BC, Canada. For that reason, you can benefit from more cost-effective and quicker warranty and other services compared to brands located outside Canada. Based on feedback from our customers, the expenses and delays associated with shipping units and parts across international borders might exceed $200 and consume significantly more time.
  • Difference between models
    - Comparison Chart
  • Warranty Policy
    - Please refer to our warranty page Warranty Page (Click to Open)
  • Will Clean Touch bidet seat fit my toilet?
    - French curve toilet: Only UB/5000 series might fit French curve toilet, but there is no guarantee - Size: Please refer to the sizing compatibility diagram
  • What do I need in my washroom to use Clean Touch Bidet?
    - Water supply/shut off valve connection available on the wall - Electrical outlet for power plug (if it is too far from the toilet, use the extension cord)
  • What size should I get?
    - Please refer to the sizing compatibility diagram
  • How do I install Clean Touch Bidet on a toilet riser/commode?
    - Only particular type of riser/commode would be compatible - If your toilet is a skirted type toilet, you cannot install our bidets on the riser/commode - Purchase the right length long bolt from the retail stores such as Home Depot to install the bidet on top of the riser - Step by Step 1. Put the toilet riser on top of the toilet 2. Put our plastic bidet mounting bracket on top of the toilet riser 3. Put two metal brackets into each side of the plastic mounting bracket 4. Place two long bolts through the holes 5. Tighten the bolt with supplied nut from the bottom
  • Two holes in my toilet are too small and I cannot fit the rubber mounting tubes
    - If the two black rubber mounting tubes cannot be inserted from the top down into the two holes in the toilet, you can instead use them as just regular nuts and screw the bolt tight from underneath.
  • How do I slide my bidet off of the bidet holding bracket?
    CT SERIES: Release the bidet from the base plate, please press down and hold on the release button on the right side of the bidet. UB SERIES: Lift the bidet up at a very slight angle towards you, then slide the bidet off. If you try to slide the bidet straight out without lifting the front end up a little bit, it will not slide off.
  • How do I clean my bidet?
    - Please use only regular soap and water to clean the bidet. Chemical cleaner like Lysol might cause physical cracks over a period of time
  • CT-7200R Series Remote Pairing
    <Pairing your remote controller to the unit> 1. Insert Batteries : Open the battery compartment and put one (two provided) battery into the remote. 2. Pairing Process : After inserting the first battery, a yellow light will blink on the front of the remote for a few seconds. Press any button on the remote during this time to pair it with your unit. Make sure to press a button before the yellow light stops blinking. 3. Second Battery : Once the pairing is successful, insert the second battery into the remote. Trouble Shooting (if needed): if pairing fails, you can reset it by taking out all the batteries and starting the process and steps above again.
  • CT-1500 / 2000 / 2100 Series - Nozzle Replacement Manual
    CT-1500 / 2000 / 2100 Series - Nozzle Replacement Manual (Click to download PDF below)
  • CT-1500 / 2000 / 2100 Series - Water Heating Replacement Manual
    CT-1500 / 2000 / 2100 Series - Water Heating Replacement Manual (Click to download PDF below)
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