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UB-6235 Bidet Seat

  • SPECIAL FEATURES : Twin Nozzles, Built in Air-Pump, Automatic Deodorizer, Water Proof Seat, 11 Safety Devices, IIP Massage, Self-Diagnosis, Soft Start Cleansing, Power Save

  • COMMON FEATURES : Warm Water, Heated Seat, Self-Cleaning Nozzles, Warm Air Dry, Soft Closing Lid & Seat, Seat Sensor, Posterior & Female Cleansing, Child Mode, Manual Clean

  • Auto Cycle for Children, Hybrid Water Tank and Coll Heating System

  • Easy Installation : Customer can DIY without plumber’s help

  • cUL Canadian Safety Certification

  • Made in KOREA

  • PATENTED DUAL NOZZLE SYSTEM: Dual self cleaning nozzles that provide the best hygiene compared with single nozzle bidets.

  • Size Information : Elongated and Round Front

  • Side Panel Remote

  • French Curve Toilet can fit

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