• TANKLESS INSTANT WATER HEATING: Patented next-generation tankless heating technology ensures an instant and infinite heated water spray that will never grow colder over time
  • ULTRA SLIM PROFILE: Offers a modern ultra slim design that looks sharp and fits in with any bathroom decor

  • SILVER ION ANTIBACTERIAL TECHNOLOGY: Our plastic is infused with silver ions for a SIAA certified antibacterial surface, providing the more hygienic bathroom experience
  • HIGH STRENGTH SPRAY AND AIR DRY: Aerated spray for superior spray strength and comfort, and turbo air dryer speed for the fastest air drying experience.

  • NIGHTLIGHT : The soft, illuminated night light of the CT- 5000 allows you to avoid using bright lights in the middle of the night, and can be effortlessly turned off with the touch of a button.
  • AFFORDABLE LUXURY: Adjustable warm air dry (3 levels), adjustable heated seat (3 levels), adjustable nozzle positioning (5 levels), adjustable water pressure (5 levels), adjustable wash modes, hot/cold massage function, anti-slam lid and seat, quick release design, and much more!
  • 2 YEAR LIMITED CANADIAN WARRANTY, cUPC/ETL CANADIAN SAFETY CERTIFICATION: We are the ONLY bidet company with a warranty that’s exclusively within Canada, which means we do all repairs and servicing in Canada. That makes it for much quicker turnaround times and much cheaper shipping costs compared to all of our other competitors because you don’t have to ship to the US for any repairs, which you’d have to do for any other bidet you decide to purchase. Have a peace of mind knowing that there will always be great Canadian service available for your bidet investment for years and years to come. 

[New 2021 Arrival] CT-5000R-EL



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