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About Clean Touch

Clean Touch Bidet

Fraser International Trading is a Canadian-owned company, and has been providing Canadians with quality bidets since 2001.

While providing the best customer service and lowest prices compared to our competitors, Fraser International Trading is now Canada’s largest importer and distributor of bidets and high-tech household goods.

We supply to over 200 retailers Canada-wide, from bathroom showrooms and plumbing wholesalers to national home improvement big-box retailers. We offer the same bidets as our American competitors, just under a different model number, and a lot less expensive.

Fraser International Trading is also a national bidet service and repair centre, with over 20 years of excellence in providing timely customer and warranty services, all within Canada. In contrast, our competitors provides warranty and after sales services in the US.

The best of Asia, available in Canada! 

All of our bidets originate from the top bidet manufacturers in Asia. We carefully screen each of our products, having made sure the bidets have been thoroughly market tested in Asia and in other parts of the globe before we even import a sample to do long term testing ourselves. Only bidets that pass our rigorous testing can bear our signature, Clean Touch.

That is why we also have an unmatched warranty on our bidets because we have confidence in our build quality.

Where can I buy your products?

Our products are available at your local retailers and multiple e-commerce websites or you can buy open box in our webpage.

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