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Do I go back to the place where I got it from for the warranty?

I received a lemon product, and it malfunctioned/isn't working right out of the box! Can I return it?

Yes! If you are unfortunate enough to receive a lemon, and it stops working/malfunctions within the first two weeks of purchase, you can definitely contact us, and we will gladly exchange your bidet for a new one.

Advantage of buying from a Canadian Bidet Company

Easy Installation

cUL & cUPC

Where can I buy your products?

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Our products are available at your local retailers and multiple e-commerce websites.

You can click the logos on our main page and see our units.

Clean Touch Bidet Toilet Seat Canada Brondell Biobidet Toto Washlet Luxe Kohler

Clean Touch Canada

Fraser International Trading is a Canadian-owned company, and has been providing Canadians with quality bidets since 2001.

While providing the best customer service and lowest prices compared to our competitors, Fraser International Trading is now Canada’s largest importer and distributor of bidets and high-tech household goods.

We supply to over 200 retailers Canada-wide, from bathroom showrooms and plumbing wholesalers to national home improvement big-box retailers. We offer the same bidets as our American competitors, just under a different model number, and a lot less expensive.

Fraser International Trading is also a national bidet service and repair centre, with over 20 years of excellence in providing timely customer and warranty services, all within Canada. In contrast, our competitors provides warranty and after sales services in the US.

2-Year Canadian Warranty

Products are protected from internal hardware defects with a 2-year limited warranty. Sales receipt is proof of purchase. Warranty is limited to original purchaser and is not transferable. Repairs within warranty are covered for RETURN SHIPPING ONLY.

Obligations under this warranty are limited to repair or replacement of the product or parts found to be defective provided such product was properly installed and used in accordance with instructions.

Right is reserved to make inspections as necessary to determine the cause of the defect. Labor or parts will not be charged for authorized warranty repairs or replacements.

No responsibility is assumed for the cost of removal and/or re-installation of product.

Distributor is not responsible for the cost of removal, receiving, nor installing the bidet.

2 Year Limited Warranty
100% Coverage of cost of all parts and labor for the entire product for the first year from original date of purchase

Warranty Exclusions

Within the warranty period, normal repair fees will still apply for the following warranty exception cases.

• Damage or loss caused by improper use or maintenance, negligence, or abuse.
• Damage or loss caused by improper installation, removal, repair, or modification
• Damage or loss through natural disasters (flood, fire, electrical storm, etc.)

• Damage or loss due to chemical, mineral, or sediment content in water system.

• A water softener or filter is recommended in areas with strong mineral content in the water.

• Highly chlorinated water and chlorine cleaners can also damage this product.
• Physical damage, such as cracks, scratches, dents, etc.

The best of Asia, available in Canada! 

All of our bidets originate from the top bidet manufacturers in Asia. We carefully screen each of our products, having made sure the bidets have been thoroughly market tested in Asia and in other parts of the globe before we even import a sample to do long term testing ourselves. Only bidets that pass our rigorous testing can bear our signature, Clean Touch.

That is why we also have an unmatched warranty on our bidets because we have confidence in our build quality.

Nope. You can deal directly with our customer service. Our contact info is both on the manual that came with the bidet, as well as on this website.

Return Policy

Because bidets are personal hygiene products, once it’s been used, you can’t return it.

So when you get the bidet, please do NOT open the packaging with the hoses.

You can feel free to open the box, take out the bidet to make sure it fits, etc. But do NOT install the hoses into the bidet if you want to return the bidet later on.

Once the hoses are installed and water is introduced into the bidet, we consider that to be used, and at that point,  it is not returnable.

Services and Repairs in Canada

All the other North American bidet companies are based in the US.


That means all servicing is also done in Canada, making for faster turn around times and much cheaper shipping.

Firstly, we have a much smaller overhead than the other bidet companies, so our costs for the same bidets imported from the same manufacturers in Korea are going to be a lot cheaper, translating to bigger savings for the customers.


Secondly, since our head office and repair center is in Canada, any repairs would be sent within Canada.


You would NOT have to deal with cross-border shipping, and paying duties and border fees as well, for your bidet repairs, like you would for US bidet companies.

Especially with our newest line, you just need to be able to remove the tank hose from the water intake line from the wall.

After, you stick the T-connector in between and tighten both ends.

Lastly, you attach the hose provided from the bidet to the T-connector.


That’s it!

When working with connections using RUBBER washers, tightening by hand is usually enough.

If it still leaks, you can tighten it slightly more with a wrench.

When working with connections with PLASTIC washers, tightening with a wrench is a must.

Are your products approved for Canada?

Yes, all our products have Canadian safety approval, either cUL, or cUPC.

Our bidets use the standardized North American 120V outlets.

The cUL mark applies to products intended for the Canadian market that have been tested and found to comply with the requirements of CAN/CSA 22.1-12, which is the Canadian Electrical Code issued by the Canadian Standards Association.

Canadian Uniform Plumbing Code™ (cUPC™) are designated as the American and Canadian national standards, respectively. These codes are designed to provide consumers with safe and sanitary plumbing systems. 

Ferness faucets are UPC/cUPC certified meaning they have been tested for safe use.


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