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Cleantouch Partnership with Senior Care Homes 

The usage of bidets in a senior care home centre or a senior living residence has many benefits for both the senior members as well as the care givers and the care home facility owners as well.

For senior residence, bidet use reduces the risk of falling, aids in inconsistence care as well as preventing UTIs and protecting sensitive skin and hemorrhoids from damage from over wiping. Senior residents will also be able to get back their independence in their bathroom routine and enjoy a life with increased autonomy. This in turn will also lead to higher satisfaction of care givers as well. For care home facility owners, bidet usage has led to increased NOI and market differentiation from other care home options. Best of all, the bidets are easy to install and transforms existing toilets into a fully functional electric bidet. It's extremely DIY friendly and plumbers are not required to install them. For all inquires about wholesale pricing for senior care facilities, please contact us using the form below. 

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