Frequently asked questions

How do I clean my bidet?

Do not use Lysol or any other cleaning chemicals other than warm water! Usage of any cleaning agent other than pH neutral agents or warm water will result in potential damage to the plastic or discolouring of the plastic.

What's the difference between the CT Series and the UB Series?

How do I make my bidet fit my toilet better?

For a better fit of the bidet to the ceramic toilet, please adjust the base plate forward or back.

My bidet won't spray when I press "Bidet" or "Cleanse"

For the bidet functions to work, the seat sensor needs to be activated by having direct skin contact on the seat. If the Bidet and Cleansing functions doesn’t work, insert new batteries in the remote and try that, or try the cleansing and bidet function buttons on the bidet itself and not on the remote to see if it’s the remote’s problem. If the buttons on the bidet itself work, but the buttons on the remote doesn’t work, then the remote needs replacing or a new battery change. Also, the Bidet and Cleansing functions only work when someone is sitting on the seat sensor. CT SERIES: A small batch of our CT series bidets had a flawed part inside of the bidet. Please follow the following video guide to open up the bidet. Once the outer shell is off the bidet, please follow the pictures below to check if you have a black or blue plug. If it's black, you'll need to replace it with a blue one and a blue one can be mailed to you.

There is water forming a puddle underneath my toilet.

If you find puddles forming on the floor beside your bidet, or find water running down the side of the toilet, please check to see if the steam drainage hole is blocked and covered by the ceramic of the toilet. The steam drainage hole is supposed to be unblocked and pointing straight down into the toilet bowl. Please readjust the bidet mounting bracket, move it forward, so the whole bidet is more forward and the steam drainage hole is uncovered. Steam Drainage Hole for UB Series Steam Drainage Hole for CT Series If there is water that’s leaking onto the floor, one thing to check is the drain plug on the bottom of the bidet. Please make sure it’s tightly closed.

My bidet has low spray pressure.

If there is a low pressure, you can check the intake water screen of debris, and clear the debris as needed. Turn off the water intake, unscrew the hose attached to the bidet, and use pliers to carefully get the filter screen out of the connection hole. UB SERIES: If there is a low pressure, you can check the nozzle tips for of debris, and clear the debris as needed. You can press the “cleaning” button on the UB-6035R, or the “forward” and “backward” button on the UB-6235, and the nozzles will come out. You can then take the nozzle tips off and clean it, using a fine needle to clear the holes of any clogging or mineral deposits from hard water.

My hoses are leaking.

If you find you have leaking hoses while installing, check to see if all your hoses have the black rubber rings around all the ends.

How do I close my CT-2000R / CT-2100R battery lid cover?

Make sure not to press the remote control battery lid downward to close it, but instead, slide in the battery lid. If the lid is pressed down, the tabs might break off and the battery lid might not close properly.

How do I slide my bidet off of the bidet holding bracket?

CT SERIES: Release the bidet from the base plate, please press down and hold on the release button on the right side of the bidet. UB SERIES:
Lift the bidet up at a very slight angle towards you, then slide the bidet off. If you try to slide the bidet straight out without lifting the front end up a little bit, it will not slide off.

My T-Connector is leaking.

DO NOT tighten the T-connector to the water in take too tightly. Only hand tight should be enough, usually. Also, please make sure the black rubber washer is in the T-connector before installing. If tightened too much, the black rubber washer can break, which will lead to leaking.
UB SERIES: The plastic washer needs to be tightened a lot in order to not leak. Please tighten with wrench, not just hand tight.

What colour on my CT remote is low, medium, and high?

For seat and water temperature LED color code, see the below picture.



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