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UB 6000 Series

Introducing the UB 6000 bidet series, designed to elevate your bathroom experience with its exceptional features and advanced technology. Choose between the UB 6035 (remote control model) and UB 6235 (side panel model) to suit your preferences and toilet design. Experience the ultimate in cleanliness and comfort with the UB 6000 bidet's special features. The twin nozzles, built-in air-pump, and automatic deodorizer provide a superior cleansing experience. The water-proof seat, 11 safety devices, IIP massage, and self-diagnosis function ensure optimal functionality and reliability. Enjoy the convenience of soft start cleansing, power save mode, and a hybrid water tank with a coil heating system. The UB 6000 bidet also includes common features such as warm water, heated seat, self-cleaning nozzles, warm air dry, soft closing lid and seat, seat sensor, posterior and female cleansing, child mode, and manual clean. The bidet's auto cycle for children ensures a gentle and safe experience for young users. Installation is made easy as customers can install the UB 6000 bidet themselves without the need for a plumber's assistance. It holds the cUL Canadian Safety Certification, ensuring top-notch safety standards are met. Crafted with precision in Korea, the UB 6000 bidet showcases exceptional craftsmanship and quality. The patented dual nozzle system sets the UB 6000 bidet apart, providing superior hygiene compared to single nozzle bidets. Choose between elongated and round front sizes to ensure a perfect fit for your toilet. The remote control adds convenience and ease of use, while the bidet is also compatible with French Curve toilets. Upgrade your bathroom with the UB 6000 bidet series, offering advanced features, comfort, and hygiene. Experience the exceptional performance and reliability of this patented bidet, proudly made in Korea.




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