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CT 5000 Series

Introducing the exclusive CT 5000 bidet, designed to revolutionize your bathroom experience. With its special features and advanced technology, this bidet offers unparalleled comfort, hygiene, and convenience. Say goodbye to water tanks with the CT 5000's innovative design. Instant heating technology ensures immediate warm water for a luxurious cleanse. The LED and water-proof remote control allow for easy operation and customization. Experience ultimate cleanliness with the nano silver antimicrobial technology and removable nozzle, ensuring hygienic cleaning after every use. Enjoy the comfort of warm water, heated seat, and slim design, all tailored to enhance your bathroom routine. The CT 5000 bidet can be easily installed by customers without the need for a plumber's assistance. It is cUPC and ETL certified, meeting the highest safety standards for your peace of mind. The CT 5000 bidet is specifically designed in an elongated format to accommodate a wide range of toilet types. Additionally, it is compatible with French Curve toilets, providing versatility in installation options. Upgrade your bathroom with the CT 5000 bidet, featuring special features, advanced technology, and ease of installation. Experience the ultimate comfort, hygiene, and convenience that this exclusive bidet offers.

Please note that the CT 5000 bidet is only available for purchase on our website.




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