• INSTANT WARM WATER: Never experience cold shocks again, with adjustable water temperature (4 levels) and pressure (5 levels)


  • PATENTED DUAL NOZZLE SYSTEM: Dual self cleaning nozzles that provide the best hygiene compared with single nozzle bidets.


  • WASH MODES: Oscillation, pulsating, kids, posterior, bidet, massage, IIP mode (help ease constipation), and more!


  • AERATED WATER STREAM TECHNOLOGY: Bidet shoots aerated water to soften the feel without losing the cleaning power.


  • AFFORDABLE LUXURY: Adjustable warm air dry (5 levels), adjustable heated seat (3 levels), adjustable nozzle positioning (5 levels), deodorizing function, power save function, anti-slam lid, quick release design, and much more!


  • 2 YEAR LIMITED CANADIAN WARRANTY: We are the only bidet company in North America with a warranty that’s exclusively within Canada, which means we do all repairs and servicing in Canada. That makes it for much quicker turnaround times and much cheaper shipping costs compared to all of our other competitors because you don’t have to ship to the US for any repairs, which you’d have to do for any other bidet you decide to purchase.


UB-6235 (Open Box - Like New)


    • Dual nozzle
    • Oscillating
    • Wide cleaning
    • Massage cleaning
    • Pulsating
    • Posterior wash
    • Feminine wash
    • Aerated Bubble Infusion Technology
    • Self-cleaning nozzles
    • motor-driven nozzles

    • Convenient Side Console
    • Removable nozzle tips for easy cleaning and replacement
    • Adjustable heated seat (3 levels)
    • Adjustable warm air dry (5 levels)
    • Adjustable water pressure (5 levels)
    • Adjustable water temperature (5 levels)
    • Intelligent body sensor
    • Anti-Slam seat and lid
    • Quick release for easy cleaning
    • Auto-Power save function
    • 2 Year Canadian Warranty
  • What is an "Open Box" bidet?

    Fraser International Trading is Canada’s largest online bidet distributor. This means sometimes customers will purchase the bidet, but find out they bought the wrong size or that it doesn’t fit their toilet, or will be unable to install it, or find out they don’t have a power receptacle for the bidet. We accept these kinds of returns, but during the return trip sometimes these bidets can get scratched or dinged up. We strictly check for any signs of use, and also check the functionality before we sell these bidets again at a discounted cost compared to retail price in big box stores.

    You can have a peace of mind knowing that every open box is still protected our industry-leading 2-year limited warranty, which starts the day of your purchase.



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