Founded in 1962, Kiturami Group is South Korea’s biggest home heating and boiler manufacturer, generating $880 million in 2016. With half a century in heating technology and experience, Kiturami transferred their state-of-the-art home heating technology into their radiant heat water mattress pads.


  • DUAL HEATING ZONES: Individual left/right temperature control that auto-maintains desired temperatures from 20℃ to 55℃


  • DEEP SLEEP FUNCTION: Get the best nights sleep with our break through deep sleep function, automatically lowering the temperature as the night progresses to induce deep, healthy sleep, then raising the temperature just before waking for a refreshing start to your day.


  • LCD SLIM REMOTE CONTROL: Adjusts and displays current temperature settings and sleep mode.


  • NO HARMFUL ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES: Kiturami Heated Water Mattress Pad warms the pad with water, not electric currents running through wires.


  • STATE OF THE ART WATER HEATER: Ultra quiet and efficient; save up to 10% on energy costs by using the water mattress pad instead of turning up the thermostat.



EM-553 Kiturami Water Heater Mattress Pad


    • dual zone heating system
    • LCD Remote control to set temperature and sleeping mode
    • International Certifications Include: ETL (Canada and US), CE (Europe), PSE (Japan), CQC (China), SAA (Australia), and KC (Korea)
    • 110V, designed for the North American household
    • ultra quiet motor driven water system ensures an even heating
    • energy efficient
    • auto shut off
    • one touch auto self-draining system
    • can set temperature from 20 degrees to 55 degrees, in 1 degree increments
    • water mat features a water proof layer that protects the mattress from leaks
    • fully closed water system, will not leak when overturned, and do not need to refill water for a year
    • sleep mode and floor heating mode
    • made in South Korea


    • promote healthy sleeping by maintaining the body at 37 degrees
    • no risk of fire
    • therapeutic for neck and back pain
    • no electromagnetic waves
    • save electricity, use the Kiturami hot water mat and turn down the thermostat

    BONUS: Comes with a free premium quality cotton cover and carrying case ($50 value)


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