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Common Bidet Misunderstandings and Misconceptions

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

For someone who hasn't used a bidet before and have just heard about it from a friend or relative, they can have many thoughts that come to mind, including a lot of misconceptions that just simply aren't true. Today we'll dispel some of those rumors, myths, and misconceptions and give a better understanding about what owning and using a bidet is all about.

  1. The bidet will spray water everywhere! For cheaper bidets, certainly this could be an issue, where the bidet can be accidentally turned on and start spraying everywhere. Most if not all modern electric bidet toilet seats have a seat sensor on the bidet seat, and the spray function only works if the seat sensor detects skin contact on the seat. As soon as the sensor loses detection of the skin, the spray stops automatically, preventing the bidet from spraying everywhere.

  2. Bidet water is basically the same as toilet water and is unclean! The bidet actually uses fresh water diverted from the main water supply line that feeds into your toilet water tank, so your water source is always fresh, and is of the same cleanliness as the water you use for your sink to wash your hands with. Usually when not in use, the bidet nozzle is tucked inside the bidet to prevent any splashing of water from getting to the nozzle. Most bidets also have a nozzle cleaning function too.

  3. It's expensive to maintain a bidet; it's cheaper to just stick with toilet paper A bidet requires no additional costs to use and maintain, other than the energy needed to keep the water and seat warm, and cuts the cost of toilet paper purchase by 75% or even 100% for models with a strong air dryer. Many bidets even have an economy mode or energy saving mode feature that helps reduce energy consumption even further.

  4. I can't install a bidet in my bathroom, I don't have room and it won't fit my toilet In general, bidet toilet seats are designed to be able to fit over 90% of all toilet models. The single most important determining factor whether a bidet will fit your toilet or not is the length of the clearance of the toilet, from the tank to the front (for a detailed sizing guide, click here). And since the bidet is replacing the existing plastic toilet seat, no extra room is needed in the bathroom to fit the toilet seat.

  5. Only females use bidets Nowadays with all the features of an electric bidet, the entire family can enjoy the use of a bidet. It can be as simply as enjoying the warmed seat on a cold winter's day, instead of having an out of body experience sitting on an ice cold toilet seat. Everyone can also enjoy the rear washing feature too, which provides superior cleaning compared with just wiping with toilet paper. Some bidets also have a night light feature, so people can use the washroom at night without being blinded by the bright bathroom light.