Clean Touch Bidet Toilet Seat Canada Brondell Biobidet Toto Washlet Luxe Kohler

Come visit our warehouse!

We have quite a few open box Clean Touch Bidets of all sorts of models and conditions.

Each bidet is discounted anywhere from $50 to $150 from retail price, depending on the condition.

Your purchase also comes with the same industry-leading 2 year Canadian warranty.

Almost all of these bidets are returns from various distributors due to customers buying  the wrong size bidet for their toilet.

If you’re looking at the least expensive way to own an electronic bidet, come check us out at our warehouse in Port Coquitlam!

For our friends who are not local, we sell open box bidets online too, but only in "Like New" condition. For more info and to order, please click here!


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